New Moon in Virgo

This New Moon in Virgo, is a welcome energy. As we have shifted out of fiery Leo season and into Virgo season, this New Moon ushers in new beginnings, self empowerment and new inspirations. 

In Tarot, Virgo rules the card the Hermit. The Hermit invites us into our own solitude to discover our own inner light. He encourages us to learn through our own experience, to carve out our path and to live as an example.

hermit tarot


Many know the archetype of the "hermit" to be a crusty old man, always alone and in isolation. If we look deeper, beneath the surface, we see the wisdom he gleans. Taking time to look inward and explore your inner worlds empowers you to discover your light and strength. You are a container of wisdom; you have the answers you seek. Through your introspection, you can show others the way and you can empower them to follow their own wisdom. 

On the Hermit card, we see his lantern with a six pointed star. This star is a symbol of the perfect alignment of body and spirit. It represents the beauty, harmony, and abundance that occurs when we are in alignment with our truth and highest and best. The Hermit is also the ninth card in the deck and the number nine in Tarot is ruled by the Moon. If we look at the symbolism of the Moon in relation to the Hermit, there is also the energy of self-empowerment and trust. The Moon encourages us to find our center, be our own light to guide the way throughout the changing seasons in our lives. The more we become rooted in our personal truth, the more we are able to break free of any mental confines and share our magic with the world.

This New Moon is inviting you to discover yourself, explore all your nooks and crannies and find what you want to bring to the world. It is a time to pioneer new projects, new beginnings, to follow your light and to follow your own path. 


New Moon Ritual:

For this Ritual we recommend using our Personal Power Mantra Candle. This candle aligns with the energies of the New Moon and empowering you to tap into your worth and harness your power. 

1. Find a quiet space, where you can bring your Mantra candle. Create a small altar, if possible. It can be in your bedroom, on your desk, etc. Place the candle and any other objects that hold meaning.

2. Before you light the candle, take a few deep breaths and focus on the idea of personal power and your inner wisdom.

3. Light the Personal Power Mantra Candle, with your intention in mind.

4. Take a notepad and paper, and write down any emotions, doubts, fears that have been holding you back. These can be thoughts that have left you feeling stuck or frozen, or that may be hard for you to process. 

5. Next, place them in a bowl, fill the bowl with water and place it in the freezer. 

6. Once the water has frozen (the next day), allow the bowl to sit out under the moonlight to melt. This symbolizes your emotions (your writings and the water) being illuminated by the Moon and the night sky. This is to encourage you to allow your disempowering thoughts to be melted away by your inner light and wisdom, to empower yourself to trust your higher self.

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