JULY ASTROLOGY: Candle Tarotscopes

Welcome July! We are starting our monthly Tarotscopes, which will combine astrology, Tarot and candles! Using candles for Magic and combining it with other spiritual mediums is a great way to practice candle magic. 


1. Cancer-- 9 of Wands

This month its time to get your head back in the game. You may be feeling tired or pushed to the limit, but you do have what it takes to go that extra mile. Tap into your inner reserves to keep you going and achieve all that you want to accomplish.

Candle of the month: Pomegranate Cider- this unique scent is invigorating and the notes of cardamom and nutmeg will get your senses going.

2. Leo-- 9 of Pentacles

This month, appreciate all the abundance you have cultivated this far. It is also the time to continue using your adept skills and abilities to cultivate something new. Try out a new hobby, explore possibilities of taking a class or furthering your education. Remember, you are the cultivator of you abundance, and through openness abundance grows. 

Candle of the Month: Grapefruit Mangosteen-- the sweet and fruity essence of this scent will remind you of the sweet abundance and encourage you to continue tapping into your curiosity and try something new.

3. Virgo-- The Fool 

July invites in a new, fresh and exciting energy. Now is the time to take the first step, following your heart and taking a leap of faith. The Fool encourages you to trust in your journey and by taking the first step, your path will unfold. 

Candle of the Month: Euphoria-- this fruity and bright scent, will remind you to tap into the potential of new beginnings and to follow your passions. 

4. Libra-- 3 of Pentacles

How can you find and/or create a network of support to help you achieve your goals? Often times it is easy to try and go at things solo, but this month the energy is encouraging you to ask for help and find connections that can empower you. You know what they say, teamwork makes the dream work.

Candle of the Month-- Muskrat Medicine: This Animal Wisdom candle aids in communication, delegation and transformation. Use this candle to help you connect with others and find your dream team.

5. Scorpio-- Page of Wands

The wands are ruled by the element fire and the pages are ruled by the element earth. How can you temper fire and earth this month? In other words, how can you tap into your creative life force energy in order to help you navigate the earthly realm. How can you use your desires and passions to create abundance, stability and a solid foundation. The pages are the youngest of the deck and encourage playfulness and exploration without doubts or worry.

Candle of the Month-- Create Mantra: This candle aids in creating your dreams. Use this candle to help tap into your creative energy this month.

6. Sagittarius-- Queen of Cups

The Queen of Cups is a double water card, inviting you to be fluid and receptive. The Queen is in tune with her emotions (water), she does not let them rule her, but she works with them. This month, how can you allow yourself to be more vulnerable in order to become more receptive? Vulnerability is not a weakness, but a strength when harnessed correctly. 

Candle of the Month-- Intuition Mantra Candle: Since the Queen of Cups is a double water sign and water rules our emotions and intuition. This Mantra candle is perfect to use in ritual this month. Lighting the Intuition Mantra will help you tap into your own watery depths. 

7. Capricorn-- 8 of Cups

This month, it is time to let go and move on. Moving on can be hard to do, but what is no longer serving you in your life? In what areas do you need to break old patterns, habits and behaviors that are keeping you small? It is time to release and realize you have all you need within. Instead of constantly looking outward, take some time to pause, let go, and look within. For it is through your own self reflection and self love that you will be able to break free and transform.

Candle of the Month-- Release Mantra: This Mantra Candle can help empower you to let go and release what is no longer serving you. Light this candle throughout the month to let go of any stuck energy so you can move forward. 

8. Aquarius-- The Magician

This month, your word is OUT. The Magician is a master manifestor, he takes his ideas and thoughts and projects them out into the world. He understands the laws of the Universe and uses all the elements and his inner power to manifest his reality. How can you tap into this energy? This month, focus on using your magic and sharing it with the world.

Candle of the Month-- Orange Blossom: Oranges are like liquid gold or liquid sunshine. Light this candle to harness to potent life force energy of the sun through the citrus scent. Each time you light it, you will be tapping into your own creative life force to help you manifest. 

9. Pisces-- 8 of Swords 

This month, you may begin to feel a bit restricted or trapped, but do not fear! This is only an illusion created by the one and only-- your ego. How can you take off the so called blindfold, untie the bonds that are keeping you small and step into your own power? Often times we can get caught up in doubts, fears, opinions of others, that we feel like we are stuck and trapped. ONLY YOU have the power to break free and stop this. You have all you need within you to break free. 

Candle of the Month-- Eucalyptus Mint: This scent is soothing and calming and can help ground you. By becoming more grounded, you align with your truth, and tap into your true potential.

10. Aries-- The Hierophant

This month you are encouraged to become your own teacher. Take time to reevaluate your thoughts and beliefs to see if it aligns with your truth. Practice trusting yourself and your intuition to lead you to aligned, soul-filled purpose. When we align with our truth and follow our inner wisdom, we begin to live soul first. And a soul-first life is where the magic happens.

Candle of the Month-- Cooling Mist: This soothing and subtly sweet scent will remind you to return to your center and discover your own sweet truth to empower you to become your own best teacher. 

11. Taurus-- 5 of Pentacles

This month, you are encouraged to be reminded of the cyclic nature of life. Like the seasons, there is a time for harvest and a time planting and a time for shedding. If you face any challenges or lows this month, just know that help and harvest are around the corner. There cannot be spring flowers without the snows and rains of winter. Understanding the rhythmic nature of life, allows you to open yourself to possibility and opportunity, You then realize that abundance does lie within every nook and crevice, if you just open your eyes.

Candle of the Month-- Crocodile Wisdom: The Crocodile teaches patience, growth and strength. He reminds us that in the stillness we find the strength needed to transform.

12. Gemini-- Queen of Wands

A card ruled by fire and water, The Queen of Wands encourages you to temper fire (your passions) with water (your emotions). The Queen is radiant, confident, witty and empowered because she has learned to own her power and her emotions. How can you tap into this energy this month? How can you let your passion and creativity shine equally, while still being vulnerable and fluid?

Candle of the Month-- Mini Meditation: Energize: The meditation in the energize candle will help you tap into the Queen of Wands energy. Allow your heart and mind to dance in synchronicity

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