How to Upcycle Your Tumbler

We believe eco-conscious is the future and that is why we encourage our customers to upcycle their candle tumblers. Upcycling is even better than recycling, it reduces waste and provides new life to old objects. See below on how to clean out your candle tumblers so they can be ready for their second life!

reusable glass tumbler

Our favorite way to use them is for a cold glass of champagne


How to Clean Your Candle Tumbler

Once your candle is finished and burned to the bottom, follow these steps to remove the remaining thin layer of wax.

1. Create a double boiler: Use very hot or boiling water in a pot and submerge the tumbler about half way.

2. Allow the tumbler to sit in the hot water for 3-5 minutes or until the wax has gotten soft and started to melt.

3. Remove the jar from the water, wipe down, and begin scraping the wax with a butter knife. It should come off easily and you can then pop out the wick as well since it has been warmed and melted.

4. Once the wax has been removed rinse and clean out the tumbler. They can even go in the dishwasher!

5.  Now the tumbler is ready to be used as a flower vase, cocktail glass, water glass, whatever you desire!


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