Full Moon in Pisces

Today is a very auspicious day, not only is it a Full Moon in Pisces, but it is also Friday the 13th! There are a lot of potent energies swirling around. Before we dive into the Full Moon energy and rituals, we will briefly look at Friday the 13th and its beautiful meaning. 

Friday is ruled by the planet Venus, which represents love, abundance, sensuality, joy and pleasure. Venus also rules the card the Empress who invites us to expand our threshold to receive abundance. The number 13 is a sacred goddess number and very lucky as opposed to pop culture's belief of its unlucky mojo. The number 13 represents the goddess energy; it is tied to the 13 moon cycles in a year and it is ruled by the Death card in Tarot. Thirteen is a highly transformative number, focusing on the spiraling life, death, rebirth cycle. When 13 and Friday come together is brings a day full of transformation, love, joy and creativity. It is a portal, opening our connection with the innate divine feminine energy and inviting us to dance in this space of beauty, creation and change. 

As mentioned, there is also a Full Moon in Pisces, bringing change, release and rebirth. Today the moon is directly opposing the sun, meaning that the Sun is in the sign of Virgo (if you remember we have New Moon in this sign about two weeks ago) and the Moon is sitting in the sign directly opposite of Virgo, which is Pisces.

Virgo is a dedicated earth sign, practical, by the book, in the details, expert manifest-or, while pisces is a fluid water sign, deeply emotional, spiritual and intuitive, living through feeling rather than always practicality. You may feel a push-pull between these two opposing signs, but instead of viewing them as opposites, how can you merge these two energies? Take this time to open your perspective, how can you be fluid and detailed oriented? How can you be emotional, but also grounded?

tarot cards

When we view this Full Moon through the lens of Tarot, we look at four cards that are related to the Pisces Moon. We have the High Priestess card since she is ruled by the Moon, we look at the Moon card and Hanged Man card since they are both tied to Pisces, and lastly we look at the Hermit, ruled by Virgo. The Full Moon is always a time of endings, shedding, releasing and deep introspection. The Priestess is deeply tied to this energy, acting as a keeper of the deepest and oldest innate wisdom. She is sitting and waiting, inviting you to look beneath the veil when you are ready. She encourages you to swim in your own depths, to (re)-discover your own inner wisdom and innate divinity. As the Moon beams full and bright, it is illuminating all that is hiding in the depths of your subconscious.

The Moon card is inviting us to enter the darkness, to dive in head first and not to be afraid. To trust our inner knowing and our inner light to guide the way. When all seems hopeless and confusing, we must go within, find our own light to guide us back to ourselves and our path. When you act from a grounded, heart centered place, you will never be steered wrong. The Hanged Man ruled by the element water, is inviting us to be still, to let go. Letting go and surrendering is not the same as defeat or giving up. So often in our society, situations are so black and white, good or bad, success or failure. We often forget that life is not to be lived linear, but rather as an ever evolving spiral. The Hanged Man teaches and reminds us of this lesson. Sometimes the harder we push, or pull or apply pressure, the harder the situation becomes and the more energy we end up wasting. There is beauty in the stillness and there is strength in the stillness. As we begin to flow with what is happening rather then trying to control it, only then can we become rooted in our true selves and allow our higher self to guide the way.

Lastly, we have the Hermit, who also encourages introspection and self determination. One you have gone within, then you can more forward and project your ideas outward. After you have released, the Hermit will be waiting for you to move upward and carve out your own unique path. 

This is a time for compassion, it can be challenging to clear out the webs of illusion. It can be difficult to swim in the depths of your emotions and come through the other side. It is important that when doing the work of releasing and rebirthing, that we look at what is NOT working. We have to be very clear and honest with ourselves, we have to hold up the mirror and wholly accept the situation for what it is. Then, we are able to let go, release and move forward. The Full Moon will bring a full illumination of things that are lurking, waiting for you to see, accept, release and transform-- free of any illusions holding you back. 

 Full Moon in Pisces Ritual:

Salt water bath with our Intuition Mantra candle

intuition mantra

Start running the bath and fill it was a salt soak. We love Au Fait's Himalayan Detox Soak (unfortunately, its sold out!) While your bath is getting started, grab a journal and take time to light your Intuition Mantra Candle. In your journal answer these few prompts:

1. What is the Full Moon illuminating in my subconscious? What outdated patterns, behaviors and illusions am I being invited to see?

2. What do I need to release and let go of in order to move forward?

3. What am I inviting in for this next cycle? What am I being guided to through my heart center and higher self?

Once you have journaled and your bath is ready, soak in the water for as long as feels right. Allow yourself to become suspended in the water, allowing it to envelop you, hold you and keep you safe. Allow the water to wash and release what is no longer serving you and allow the salt to ground you and center you within you true self. Blow out the candle when you are finished and throughout the weeks to come, burn your candle to remind you of the energies harnessed from this Full Moon. 

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