Full Moon in Aquarius

Full Moon in Aquarius

the star tarot card

This Full Moon seems fitting after eclipse season and the Lionsgate portal. There have been a lot of intense energies the past few months, a lot of shifts and transformations. For this Full Moon, it feels right to just bask in it's healing energies, to spend some time with yourself and send loving energy to yourself and the rest of the world. 

Aquarius is an Air sign, commonly associated with humanitarian efforts,  philanthropy, and social consciousness. This sign wants to illuminate the universal consciousness in helping to carry humanity in the new millennium. In Tarot, Aquarius also rules the card the Star. As we look at this Full Moon through the lens of Tarot, we see that the Star is the card of hope, regeneration, and rebirth. Under the light of this moon, we are being invited to bask in our own glory and unique light. The Star is acting as a beacon of hope, a sign of direction and guidance. Use this time to heal, rest and regenerate.

On this Tarot card we see the star, also known as the Sirius Dog Star, which in Ancient Egypt marked the beginning of the flooding of the Nile river. The Nile River was pure magic to the Ancient Egyptians, it sustained them, it created fertility and life in the middle of the desert. On this card we also see the woman pouring water, showing the fluidity of life, the ebb and flow of life, and that there is hope to begin again. We also see a bird on this card, an Ibis, who represents the God of Thoth. Thoth is the God of magic, knowledge and wisdom. He is there to remind us that when we go through the darkness, the difficult times, there will always be a light on the other side. There will always be birth after death. 

As we continue viewing this Full Moon through the lens of Tarot, we cannot forget about the The High Priestess, ruled by the Moon, and the Moon card ruled by Pisces. I always like include these in Full Moon reports since they are also linked to our celestial neighbor. In conjunction with the Star, the Priestess is inviting us to sit in silence with ourselves, to swim in the depths of our inner wisdom. The Moon card is encouraging us to trust our intuition in times of darkness, to know we have the wisdom we need to guide us on a path that is in alignment with our highest in best. 

Since this Full Moon is all about tapping into our own uniqueness, allowing ourselves time to rest and reflect, the suggested ritual is very simple.

Full Moon in Aquarius Ritual:

1. Light your favorite candle, we think that Love Myself Mantra would be perfect with these energies.

2. Sit with yourself and visualize white light surrounding your heart. Imagine it growing and fulling up your body and then projecting outward into the world.

3. Take as much time as you need. Let the candle burn as long as you can and then continue to burn throughout the week to remind you of your inner light.

When we fill ourselves up, and live through our heart center, we then in turn can share this beautiful energy with the world. It is through living our truth, accepting our selves (dark and light) that we make the world a better place.


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